August 2019 - Space Shuttles

Pigs Might Fly

Space Shuttles

ISBN: 9781786374967

Learn to fly at the Sty in the Sky!

Calling all new recruits! Piggles, your expert instructor for all things aviation, is here to teach you everything you need to know about flying machines. Get off the ground and navigate the skies in a variety of aircraft. From the basics (how things go UP!) to tips and tricks (and ejector seats), learn all about aircraft and earn your Pink Wings! 3… 2… 1… Lift OFF!

This fun and factual series teaches children about flying machines and aircraft. From forces and thrust to famous flying machines, compliment your STEM curriculum with this exciting title.


What People Have Said

Piggles’ Guide to Space Shuttles is a brilliant introduction to space shuttles for younger readers.

- Get Kids into Books

We loved the mix of fun and non-fiction in this title, with excellent discussion points to stimulate classroom activities around space science and just great fun to read at home too.

- Read It Daddy

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