July 2019 - Who's The Strongest

Who's The Strongest

Animal Vs Animal

ISBN: 9781786375193

Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s the Great and Small Games! See the strongest, fastest and biggest animals in the world compete head-to-head! Marvel at the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom in the beauty pageant! Be amazed at our gyrating gymnasts, and look out for the deadly fighters as they wow the crowd with their wondrous weapons! But who will come out on top! Roll Up! Roll Up!


What People Have Said

Children will enjoy being able to compare the different animals according to height, weight and strength (in this respect, there’s a bit of a Top Trumps feel to the book). Kids will also love the well-chosen factual content especially the more stinky facts about dung beetles and musk ox!

- Get Kids Into Books

A fun way to learn some animal facts, this book should pack a powerful punch with younger readers.

- Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

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