May 2019 - Plastic Panic

Plastic Panic

Polluted Planet

ISBN: 9781786375247

What would you do if you started receiving a message from the future on your phone and tablet? What if the man sending those messages claimed to be the last surviving human being in a world ravaged by plastic pollution? What if he said that you were the worlds last hope? Would it change the way you saw plastic? Could you convince others to start changing their ways? Help Terry save the world and stop the plastic panic!


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What People Have Said

Starting with a message from the future, it carefully details the history of plastic – how great it seemed to start with – and then explains the level of toxins within plastic and its longevity. There are facts and figures – up to 2018, and a glossary at the back. Three informative double pages at the end talk through recycling, reusing and reducing, with community ideas and scientific solutions. An excellent tool for educating and responding.

- Minerva Reads

Designed for KS2 Science (Text Level 7-11) this is a thoroughly absorbing and impactive title that's absolutely timely for issues that kids today are not only facing, but are beginning to protest about and do something about themselves. This really is absolutely brilliant stuff.

- Read It Daddy

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