September 2019 - Why Do I Poo

Why Do I?


ISBN: 9781786374967

From smelly poos to dribbly goos, bloody squirts to growing spurts: bodies are amazing - and disgusting! Have you ever wondered how a pizza becomes a poo? What turns bogies black? Why do you need to trim your toenails? Find out about farts, hearts and itchy parts in this weird and wonderful look at the body's super systems.


What People Have Said

If your child finds bodily functions hilarious (and to be honest what toddler doesn’t?) then this little primer on the science of poo should definitely be on your bookshelf!

- Ivy's Library

"Why do I Poo?" is a fun and somewhat stomach-churning yet informative look at our bodily functions as part of the "Why do I...?" range.

- Read It Daddy

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