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Who doesn’t love a cup of tea and plate of biscuits on a rainy day? A hot bowl of rice is perfect for these cold winter nights and warm pretzels are delightfully chewy and sure to warm you up!

But do you know where the ingredients needed for each of these foods come from? Here’s the perfect chance to find out as four food truck owners are embarking on epic journeys around the world to find these all-important ingredients…


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The Tale of Tea

You may already know that steaming cups of tea start off as leaves in a field, but what happens to the leaves after they are picked? How do they end up as teeny tiny bits in a tea bag? And what exactly is the difference between black tea and green tea?

Join Jagath on his food truck, The Teapot, as he drives through The Tale of Tea, taking readers from the tea estate to the tea factory and from bag to mug, teaching you all about tea and the different ways people drink it.


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The Road to Rice

Mina is hopping on her food truck, The Rice Bowl, to get fresh rice for her sushi and she is heading straight for the rice paddy. The road to rice is a long one, but you will drive through it and learn how this little grain is transformed into fluffy, sticky and delicious rice. Splash through the rice paddy to get to the rice mill. Learn all about the types of rice, the history of rice and how important rice is to the world.

Rice is the staple food of so many countries, whether it’s in sushi, with a curry or a jammy rice pudding… there are so many ways to enjoy this wonderful food and The Road to Rice shows you how.


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The Story of Sugar

Have you ever wondered how we get little white grains of sugar? Whether you’re trying to cut down or preparing yourself for all those chocolates come spring, sugar is all around us and is an ingredient in so many of our favourite treats.

Rani is setting off on The Cookie Jar to get sugar for her cookies. Join her as she tells you the story of sugar – marvel at the mighty sugar mill and spin round and round in the sugar centrifuge as you drive through The Story of Sugar.


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The Search for Salt

Whether it’s a dash or a pinch, sweet or savoury, almost every recipe in the world calls for a bit of salt. Niklas is starting the The Dough Knot’s engines and going on The Search for Salt – he can’t make pretzels without it. Explore the brine ponds, hear all about halite and scoop salt in Thailand as you learn how salt gets from the ocean waves and onto our dinner tables.

Don’t forget that salt is for more than eating! From important jobs such as gritting and preserving to pretty Himalayan salt lamps, where would we be without salt?

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