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Happy New Year! It is time to beat away those January blues the only way we know how – with a good book of course!

Was your New Year’s resolution to do more art? Or maybe it was to visit more galleries? Well, we have got you covered. This engaging activity-based series will teach you all about the history and practice of art. From museums to movements and people to paintings, this series will have you feeling as prolific as Picasso and as bold as Banksy.


Are you ready to travel down the rabbit hole and into the dream-like world of Surrealism? Probably not. But have no fear, Hema, your Surrealism expert is on hand to guide you through the weird, wonderful and downright wacky. Learn about artists such as Magritte, Dalí and Kahlo and create masterpieces in their styles. With lobster phones, upside-down hats and fantastical photography, this book will really get your head in a spin.


Our Post-Impressionism pro – Mai – is ready to teach you all about an art movement mesmerised by emotions. Bold brushstrokes, signature styles and abstract artworks, there is lots to learn about the Post-Impressionist movement. You could get dotty with Seurat, make shapes with Cézanne or lose yourself in the night sky with van Gogh. Get your palette and paint shirt, it’s time to get painting.


Imagine… you are out in nature, you are in France and the light falls through the trees in just the right way. These are the moments the Impressionists tried to capture. Gabe will take you on a meander through the movement and give you an impression of Impressionism. From Degas’ dancehalls to Monet’s peaceful ponds and Cassatt’s female portraits, this book will teach you all about capturing a moment through movement and light.

Pop Art

Bright colours, big words and bold prints – the Pop Art movement was made to catch your eye. The gallery’s expert in Pop Art, Chloe, is here to push art to its limits. Create pop portraits of you and you friends, just like Warhol, create larger-than-life comic strips like Lichtenstein or even paint polka-dot pumpkins like Kusama. Don’t be afraid to use unashamedly bright colours, use the most fantastic fonts, or put polka-dots on everything, even the ceiling and floor.

Contemporary Art

It’s time to take on today! Art is constantly growing and expanding which means Contemporary Art can look like lots of different things. Join Henri as he explores some of the most famous contemporary artists, such as Kapoor, to ones we know very little about, such as Banksy. From street art to photography, performance to installation, Henri will teach you the cutting-edge techniques of today.


Your expert, Cora, will take you through the geometric world of Cubism. Learn all about perspective, shape and angles and how to create Cubist masterpieces of your own. From pointy Picassos to boxy Barques, this book will have you thinking inside the box. Once you have finished your artworks get them ready for opening night and then start a discussion about your artworks. How do they make you feel? Which is your favourite and why? What would you do differently next time?

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