Welcome back to our new releases blog – this is where you can find all our upcoming titles and most recent releases. It’s November – and that means long nights, dark, cosy evenings and toffee apples… all that’s missing is a good book! And have we got four for you right here.

Eager-eyed fans of our popular Infographics series will be pleased to know that little ones can get in on the non-fiction fun with the release of our new Infographics titles at key stage one. This bold, bright series packs a visual punch, using infographic-style imagery to inform and enhance understanding of the text.

Today’s children are online from an early age, and understand the visual language of the internet even before they can read the words – who hasn’t marvelled at a two year-old expertly navigating an iPad? By cleverly translating the internet-savvy language of the pictogram and infographic onto the printed page, this series blurs the lines between the two, using it’s visual appeal to entice the reader. At the same time,  fascinating facts and interesting information are delivered at a curriculum-appropriate level in easy-to-read sections.

Let’s look closer at the four titles out this month…


Learn about the places that people and animals call home in this fascinating look at habitats. Find out about the major biomes of the Earth, including lush rainforest and dry desert. Explore the coasts and oceans, cross the grasslands, scale huge mountains and peep into tiny microhabitats. Learn about the adaptations animals have made to make their homes perfect for them, and themselves perfect for their homes.

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What do dinosaurs and flowers have in common? How tall is elephant grass? And how long have carrots been orange? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this peek into the secret life of plants. Covering what plants are, their main parts, some major types and comparisons including seagrass and cactus, this lovely title will be sure to help your little herbivores blossom!

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Human Body

Find out all about the systems and structures of the human body in this title, which takes a look at the human body. This book is a great introduction to the major senses, skeletal system, muscles, blood and circulation and breath. There are some top tips for keeping your body in tip-top shape, and a few record-breaking humans too! With a handy glossary and index, it’s time for some me time – learn about me time, that is!

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Weather and Seasons

It’s never too early to join in the UK’s favourite pastime – talking about the weather! Thunder, lightning, rain and snow, it’s all here in this breeze through our major weather patterns. We look at how animals adapt to suit the weather where they live – from meerkat sunglasses to polar bear coats! Look out for hailstones and grab your umbrella – time for a hurricane of learning!

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