People Did What?

Christmas is coming… and that can mean a classroom topic you’ve been enjoying for a few months comes to an end. If you’re looking ahead to January so you can look back into the past, then our history books might come in handy – and lucky for you we’ve got a brand new series out now!

If you enjoyed our series Life Long Ago and you’ve got a big imagination (and a strong stomach) then we’re sure you’ll love these too. People in ancient times got up to all sorts… and you wouldn’t believe some of their bonkers behaviour! This fun, humorous series takes a look at the weird and wonderful world of the ancient past, and will be a great addition to any topic table, reading corner or library history shelf!

In Ancient Egypt

From worshipping cats (and LOADS of Gods) to mummies, pharaohs and fun, the Ancient Egyptians were a strange bunch. But why were they all bald? What does one do with a recently extracted brain? And why did they chop off so many ears and noses? The gruesome, glamorous world of the Ancient Egyptians is here to explore in this fun and factual title.

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In Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece – centre of culture, philosophy and forward-thinking for the Western world… and also a place of naked running races, funky philosophers and vengeful Goddesses turning people into spiders! Find out all about pig’s-bladder football, wine baths for babies and pottery loo roll in this irreverent look at the ancient Greeks.

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In Ancient Rome

Eccentric emperors robed in purple, crowds cheering as gladiators fought tigers, and… washing your clothing in wee? The ancient Romans were a strange bunch, that’s for sure, and you can find out mule-kissing, bum sponges and poisonous faces in this silly sift through ancient Rome.

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In The Viking Age

Raaaahhh! It’s the VIKINGS! You’ve got to be a tough bunch to have bears as pets, shout rude names at each other for fun, and settle arguments by a fight to the death. Find out about the gods, games and flaming wee (yes, really) of history’s most fearsome friends in this fun take on a totally tough tribe.

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