Planet Earth Helpers

Sometimes, we all need a little help from our friends.

Come and meet the Planet Earth Helpers – our trusty team of helping hands. From recycling to biking to school, let these helpful pairs teach us how to protect the planet, one step at a time.


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Habitat Conservation

Join Su Sapling and Lilly Leaf as they take us through what habitats are and what animals need to live in them. Learn about the causes of habitat destruction and how it affects the animals that live in those habitats. What are endangered animals and how do they end up that way?

What is conservation? Why is it important and who can take part in it? Learn about the little things we can all do to help, such as the three R’s (reducing, reusing and recycling) and making outdoor spaces wildlife-friendly. Su and Lilly have got us covered!


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Join Priya Plastic and Riccardo Recycling as they take us through what rubbish is and where it goes. What is recycling and how can it help reduce the amount of rubbish in the world? How do you know if something can be recycled? Priya and Riccardo can help you work it out!

Learn about the process of recycling different materials – it’s amazing to see something old get turned into something new! Priya and Riccardo know all the best tips on how to do our bit to help, too.


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Renewable Energy

Join Taavi Turbine and Bella Bulb as they take us through what renewable energy is and why we need to use it. What are fossil fuels and why are they bad? Why is biofuel a better option? What is pollution? Taavi and Bella will help us answer these questions and more.

Learn about the different ways of generating renewable energy – that’s where sunlight, wind and water come in! Taavi and Bella are the experts on everything to do with renewable energy and they love to share their tips with us.


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Sustainable Living

Join Billy Bike and Harry Helmet as they take us through what sustainable living is. What kind of lives should we live to make sure there are enough resources for the future? What is pollution and what would happen if we ran out of resources?

Learn about what carbon footprints are and what we can do to reduce pollution and keep our carbon footprints small. Where does our waste go when we throw it away? What is recycling and how does it help? Billy and Harry can help answer all these questions and more. They love spreading the word about protecting the planet – and they hope they can count on you to join them!

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