Silly Science For Smart Kids

It can be difficult to get kids interested in science sometimes. It all looks so serious and boring. White coats, short hair, protective eyeglasses and safety, safety, safety. Science is serious business, right?


Sometimes science can be sillier than a banana doing the tango. Sillier than wearing your pants on the outside of your trousers and shouting, “I am super-nan” at the top of your voice. Science can be very silly.

Silly Science for Smart Kids, is, surprisingly, a series of books about silly science, but, get this - it’s for smart kids. It turns out that even the silliest of science often has a serious purpose. What can you learn from running on custard? That non-Newtonian liquids, such as custard, behave like solids when they are impacted – wow! That’s silly, but smart.


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In space, no-one can hear you go to the toilet! That is until you turn on the toilet vacuum cleaner! Did you know that going to the toilet in space can really suck? I mean that literally, it sucks – the toilet that is. It has a built-in vacuum because, let’s be honest, nobody wants that stuff floating around in the space shuttle. This book explores all the strangest and silliest science that astronauts need to know. How far can you hit a golf ball on the Moon? Why aren’t astronauts allowed to eat sandwiches? And why are astronauts taller when they get back to Earth?


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This book answers perhaps the most important question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time… WHAT CAN’T POTATOES DO? Also, if you are lucky enough to read this fabulous tome you will learn all about the science of speed eating as a competitive sport – I mean really, how do they do that? And almost as importantly… why does asparagus make your wee smell? Asking for a friend of course…


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Squidgy, ploppy, hairy and smelly. we all know that they are disgusting but what does science have to say about bodies? Well, in Silly Science for Smart Kids – Bodies, we explore the science behind some of the silliest things that bodies do. Why does your belly feel so weird when you go on a rollercoaster? Could someone really climb up Rapunzel’s hair? Scientifically speaking, which finger is the strongest. There are so many silly questions to be asked about the human body and science has the answer to all of these – and more!


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Have you ever worn trousers made from slime? Well in the future you might, thanks to some very silly science. If you get into Silly Science for Smart Kids – Animals, you will find out which animal’s slime scientists think could make the perfect pantaloons. You will also discover the scientific reason why pigeons don’t go to the cinema – it’s not because they can’t afford it!

From The Author

Robin Twiddy

Silly Science for Smart Kids is one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on and is full of surprising and interesting facts. Colourful and imaginative design and illustration by Amy Li, really bring the silliness to life. With topics as diverse as Space, Bodies, Animals and Food there is something silly for everyone.

Science is all about questions, and this series raises a lot of very silly questions. Help inspire the next generation of silly scientists by getting them into Silly Science.

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