The Museum of Phobias

Welcome back to our latest releases blog! Time to curl up around the fire with a good book and a hot chocolate, so let’s see what Santa is stocking our bookshelves with for 2019…

What do heights, spiders, flying, clowns and mice all have in common? Well, if any of them made you shudder, you already know that these are all common phobias. We all get a little scared sometimes, but if you’re feeling brave, our latest series takes you on a tour of our deepest, darkest fears…

Enter the Museum of Phobias. With extreme exhibits sent in from all around the world. turn the page to take the tour as we explore the terrifying exhibits find out what frightening things people have banished to the museum’s dusty corridors. Each book explores why we have fears, what the difference is between a fear and a phobia, and some famous scaredy-cats too! At the end of the book, there is a PSHE section showing why it’s OK to be scared and offering some ideas to help you feel OK in a scary situation.

This high-interest series is not for the faint of heart. Dare you enter?

The Alarming Animal Collection

Did you know that most people with ophidiophobia have never been bitten by a snake? Did you know that around half of women in America are arachnophobic… but only one-fifth of men? And did you know that some people with alektorophobia can’t eat food with chicken in it? All these frightening facts await in this exhibition exploring some creepy critters. Not for those with zoophobia, for sure!

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The Harrowing Human Collection

From witches in the woods to… erm, men with beards, we certainly have some funny phobias when it comes to each other. It can’t be fun at the beach if you’ve got genuphobia, and if you’ve got odontophobia then people are most likely scared of you.. or your breath! And don’t worry – this title makes us feel a little phobophobic too…

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The Hideous House Collection

Don’t let this title give you hypnophobia – or nightmares! Buildings can hide lots of scary things in their corners and corridors, so whether you’re claustrophobic or agoraphobic, or your vestophobia has you weirded out by your wardrobe, there really is no place like home… aaargh!

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The Nightmare Nature Tour

If having astraphobia was good enough for the Roman emperor Augustus, then it’s good enough for us! The naturally scary title tells Mother Nature: do your worst! From nyctophobia to heliophobia, these natural nasties will trigger your trypophobia and make your megalophobia go mad!

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Enter if you dare! The Museum Of Phobias is out now!


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