Why Do I… Need These Books?

The answer’s simple, really. While things are looking brighter for us here in the UK, the changes in routine for us all may never go back after the coronavirus pandemic. Wearing a mask is a habit that could be here to stay for many winters to come, and washing our hands properly has never been more important. These concepts can be confusing for kids, so we’ve created a couple of new additions for our ever-popular series ‘Why Do I?’ so that your little ones can get the answers they want to their questions: “Why do I wear a mask and why do I wash my hands?”

‘Why Do I Wear a Mask?’ takes a friendly and non-intimidating scientific look at germs and how they can make us ill. The new addition to the series line-up explains what a face mask is and how it can help us avoid catching viruses from coughs and sniffly sneezes!

‘Why Do I Wash My Hands?’ makes washing our hands properly with soap a fun topic of conversation, perfect for keeping your little ones interested and actively healthy! Just like the rest of the ‘Why Do I?’ series, this new addition is a wonderfully designed picture book packed from contents to index with important information and awesome activities.

When writing these brilliant new books, we also made sure to avoid mentioning anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic in order to keep these books relevant on your bookshelf for years and years to come.

‘Why Do I Wear a Mask?’ and ‘Why Do I Wash My Hands?’ will be available to order directly from BookLife Publishing and Amazon from the start of April!

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