Brand New Computer Books For 2019

We’ve been busy little bookworms here at BookLife Publishing lately...

Today’s kids have been born into a digital world – but learning the language of computers and the internet is no easy task. If you’re baffled by bits and bytes, and think a cookie has chocolate chips, then look no further.

Here are our science and Computer books that will be published very soon:


Key Stage One (5 - 7 Years Old)


Release Date: 1st July 2019

De:Code | Children's Computer and Coding Books | BookLife Publishing

Enter: De:Code! These books are for Key Stage 2 students who are starting to enter the digital realm with more independence. Full of terms, strange words and abbreviations, these books will help you understand the language of the internet. And each term has it’s word class and pronunciation, so it’s great for English teachers too!

Much more than a dictionary, De:Code will literally decode the language of computers – perfect for anyone taking their first steps into a digital world. Packed with games, activities and fun facts, this series will take you from noob to pro… if you can get it back from the kids, of course!

Four titles available: Coding, Video Games, The Internet, Digital Techology, Computers, Social Media


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