Brand New Geography Books for 2019

We’ve been busy little bookworms here at BookLife Publishing lately...

Our editorial and design departments have been working away in our mission to make each and every title we make someone’s next best book ever! It's time to get our explorer hat on and reveal our Geography titles which will be coming soon.


Key Stage 1 (5 - 7 Years Old)

Show Me Geography

Release Date: 2nd September 2019

Show Me Geography,m BookLife Publishing UK, Children's Books

This infographics-style Key Stage One series takes a bright and breezy look at physical geography. What causes an avalanche? What animals live in the deepest part of the ocean? Where in the world does it rain the most? Learn all this – and more – as we show you geography!

Four titles available: Weather, Mountains and Valleys, Oceans and Rivers.


Key Stage 2 (7+ Years)

Welcome to My World

Release Date: 28th July 2019

Welcome To Me World, BookLife Publishing UK, Childrens Books

These fun and colourful books take a trip around the countries of the world with some friendly tour guides, as our new friends show us around the places they call home. What are schools like in Spain? How tall are the buildings in New York? What do people eat in France? Take a journey through these colourful scrapbooks and learn all about the most interesting places around the world. Look out for coordinate boxes – they will help you explore these cities online too; just check the coordinates on any map, or even take a peek via Google Earth!

Six titles available: Canada, France, The USA, The UK, Australia and Spain.




All of these brilliant titles will be available soon. To become a stockist and sell these beautiful titles yourself, contact us via our Stockist Page.

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