Cover Reveal - Gross Life Cycles

With Halloween just behind us, we thought: why not get one last bit of spookiness out to the world before the Christmas spirit gets into full swing?

Our much-loved and vast Life Cycles series takes young readers through the wonderful life cycles of animals and plants from all around the world step by step, in an informative and fun educational journey. But what about the life cycles that aren’t wonderful? What about the ones where poo is flicked everywhere, or the ones where the animals bite each other’s heads off after a romantic date?

Introducing a brand-new series coming soon from BookLife Publishing… Gross Life Cycles! A haunting, high-interest spin on our fantastic Life Cycles series, Gross Life Cycles explores some of the most terrifying, smelly and disgusting life cycles on the planet. Did you know that hippos flick their poo far and wide to attract a mate? Were you aware that praying mantises and black widow spiders might eat their mate after a romantic date? Have you ever heard of the parasitic corpse flower that smells like dead things and steals food? Learn about the worst our planet has to offer in this gross, smelly, splat-filled series, coming soon.

While you wait, here’s a series teaser to feast your eyes upon – each of the covers for Gross Life Cycles!

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