Why Do I

Praise For Why Do I

Young children have all sorts of questions about their bodies, and 'Why Do I...?' is an extensive series that covers many aspects of how our bodies function, including Cry, Dribble, Grow and Itch. It's an approach that will appeal to children, with down-to-earth language and simple explanations accompanied by straightforward, well-labelled illustrations. - Parents In Touch

"Why do I Poo?" is a fun and somewhat stomach-churning yet informative look at our bodily functions as part of the "Why do I...?" range.[...] Find out about farts, hearts and itchy parts in this weird and wonderful look at the body's super systems with fun and informative text, and of course plenty of squidgy illustrations to really set the tone of this fantastic laugh-out-loud non-fiction title suitable for KS1 (Text level 5-7) kids. - Read It Daddy