Surviving the Active Supervolcano Childrens book 9781912171026
Surviving the Active Supervolcano Childrens book

Surviving The Impossible: Surviving the Active Supervolcano

ISBN: 9781912171026

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Do you spend your time wondering and worrying about the end of the world?

Do you have a basement full of canned food, rechargeable batteries and tin foil hats? If so, then this is the series for you. With tips on everything from hiding supplies to attacking your enemies, this series will guide you out the other side of the apocalypse.

Book Specification

Designer: Matt Rumbelow
Series: Surviving the Impossible
Book Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 32
Size: 279.4mm x 215.9mm
Age Range:  9 - 11
Publisher:  The Secret Book Company